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Preparing your files for press.

A word about PDF
Releasing files in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) has become increasingly popular in the desktop publishing and advertising industry because it provides a degree of standardization for materials printed in multiple locations and at different printers.

This print ready format preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics and colors of any source document, independent of the application and platform used to create it. What’s more, it can easily be viewed on multiple platforms without losing quality. Caution: Keep in mind that press-ready PDFs embed data so the printer cannot make last minute changes or adjustments to your file.

For best results:
• Images must be high resolution
• Include the bleeds and crop marks  
• Embed all fonts
• Send CMYK, not RGB

When submitting your files for offset printing

Do these Things...

Add 1/8” bleed for jobs that print off the edge
Convert RGB Images to CMYK
All images are 300 DPI Hi-Resolution
Include all associated graphic links
Include all screen and printer fonts
Convert fonts to outline
All fonts in placed eps files should be
embedded or outlined.
Provide a printed sample of your job
Make sure colors are specified correctly
Spell Check your Document

Do Not Do These Things...

Do not use unconventional programs
like Microsoft Word, Publisher..
Do not use Gif, Pict, or Jpeg, as
these will not be processed correctly
in the preflight process.

Supported Software:
Adobe CS2-CS3
Adobe Acrobat

Photoshop & Illustrator files should
be eps or tiff, when saving graphics
for placement in a page layout or
illustration program.

If you are working with publisher or word
files and want to create files for print give us a call and we can suggest certain steps to make your project a success!

When in doubt give us a call. We are in the printing business, because this is our business, we have the knowledge, equipment, and software capabilities and can answer any of your questions. 915-855-3388 Ext 15